Infinity Series Chain

The Infinity™ series is the premier offering from the Diamond Chain Company. With class leading wear life and 5-year product warranty, the Infinity series provides the quickest return on investment.

The Infinity product portfolio is a highly targeted product offering focused on carbon steel, single strand roller chain.

Accelerated Wear Testing

Use the legend below to turn on and off manufactueres for comparision

* #50 Test conditions: 1172 RPMs, 91 lbs. of tension, 3.5 chain horsepower and 21T X 21T sprockets.
* #60 Test conditions: 1725 RPMs, 100 lbs. of tension, 5.2 chain horseposer and 23T X 23T sprockets.
* ISO/British Standard 12B Test conditions: 668 RPMs, 104 lbs of tension, 2.8 chain horsepower and 16T X 16T sprockets.

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ASME / ANSI Roller Chain

Diamond Series

Diamond Chain's extensive ASME / ANSI product assortment provides industry leading wear life and is available in a variety of base materials, finishes, and lubrications.

Attachement Roller Chain

Infinity Series

Available in ANSI 25 through 240 and ISO 05B through 032B. Includes single and multi-strand, heavy series, and solutions for specialized applications.

Oil and Gas Chain

Sapphire Series

Includes ANSI 25 through 160 and ISO 05B through 048B single and multi-strand, and select maintenance-free, and attachment solutions.