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At the Diamond Chain Company, we manufacture the world's highest-performing roller chain. From the Wright Brothers, to Henry Ford, to global leaders of our time, Diamond Chain is the roller chain most trusted to perform, when performance matters most.
Case Study: Concrete Manufacturing


A leading concrete products manufacturer produces concrete blocks at a rate of approximately 1,667 blocks per hour. Because profitability turns not only on quality, but also on continuity of operations, the company relies on dependable equipment. 


The environment in the manufacturing space contains a high concentration of dirt and concrete grit, because of this, the chain company was using on their tile slacker and pallet delivery machines were elongating and wearing too quickly. This led the company to search for "a quality chain that is dependable and has excellent wear life." 


The Plant Manager for this Concrete Products Division evaluated several chain choices ranging from inexpensive economy chain to high performance Diamond series roller chain, which has an industry reputation for delivering best-in-class dependability and wear life.


To determine which product offered the best overall value, the manager first began by quantifying the costs associated with each instance of a chain replacement:


  • The company produces approximately 1,667 blocks per hour. At a retail value of $1.79 per block, the downtime costs from production equal $2,985 per hour.
  • Labor costs to replace the chain equals twelve man hours at $120/hour for a total expense of $1,440.
  • Total potential downtime expense for each instance of chain replacement was then $4,425.

Given the high costs associated with downtime for chain replacement, it was determined that purchasing the best quality chain would prove the best value to the company in the long run.


Looking at potential product options, the company compared Diamond Chain's Diamond series ANSI 80 and 100 riveted roller chains versus the less expensive mid tier brand that they were using. From Diamond Chain's ROI calculator, the Diamond series showed that they could expect a minimum increase of 50% in wear life over their current roller chain.


The results from switching to Diamond series roller chain has been an increase in the machinery up time of over the projected 50% significantly decreasing downtime and labor costs. The company saved over $6,500 the first year after the switch and is estimated to save up to $33,000 over five years.


Q- How does Diamond Chain mark the links on their products?


A- Diamond Chain uses three distinct product marks to differentiate between its Diamond, Infinity, and Sapphire product series. Diamond Chain's flagship Diamond series includes a stamp of the words "Diamond Chain" along with the Diamond graphic element. The Infinity series includes only the Diamond graphic element stamp while Sapphire has a RSC stamp for Sapphire roller chain.


In order to guarantee that you are purchasing authentic Diamond Chain products, you should always buy from an authorized Diamond distributor.


For help locating an authorized distributor, you can use our distributor locator available here for our North American customers and here for our European customers.


Have additional questions about roller chain? Drop us an email at For further assistance, please contact Diamond Chain's customer service and application engineering teams at 1-800-872-4246.

Diamond Series chains have been made in Indianapolis, Indiana since 1890. 


The 97th running of the Indianapolis 500 is coming up on Sunday May 26th.
Diamond Chain and the Greatest Spectacle in Racing share a common founder - both having been started by Arthur Newby.

RING LEADER O-Ring chain can routinely operate in ambient temperatures up to 150 degrees Fahrenheit. For higher temperatures, special o-rings can be substituted, allowing operation in temperatures up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit or greater.

Diamond Chain's spring session of the Diamond Institute of Technology is currently under way.   
Participants at a DIT training event receive a customized roller chain curriculum that includes both classroom and lab activities.
For information on attending an upcoming Diamond Chain training,  your local sales representative or send us an email at


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ASME / ANSI Roller Chain

Diamond Series

Diamond Chain's extensive ASME / ANSI product assortment provides industry leading wear life and is available in a variety of base materials, finishes, and lubrications.

Attachement Roller Chain

Infinity Series

Available in ANSI 25 through 240 and ISO 05B through 032B. Includes single and multi-strand, heavy series, and solutions for specialized applications.

Oil and Gas Chain

Sapphire Series

Includes ANSI 25 through 160 and ISO 05B through 048B single and multi-strand, and select maintenance-free, and attachment solutions.